The Visitation of Abraham (Old Testament Trinity) by Rublev

the Wheatland Mission blog is an attempt to encourage conversation among those who call the Wheatland Mission their home. We are a community of people who are on a journey with Jesus. This journey is sometimes smooth, other times rocky and always something worthy of sharing. We look forward to more people joining in.

This site is meant to be a window through which those who are curious can look and see a little bit of the kind of life lived and shared within the Wheatland Mission.

Most of our blog posts relate to something we are talking about during our weekend worship gatherings or in one of our home groups. Sometimes we chase down a rabbit trail exploring some new story or idea. By God’s goodness we’ve discovered a few ideas worth exploring and a lot of friends worth keeping.

The Wheatland Mission, a gathering of Christians seeking to stay close to Jesus and be involved in his work in the world, meets every Saturday night at 5:30 for a time of worship, learning and sharing in the Lord’s Supper.


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  2. This is amazing. We have a similar fellowship somewhere in my locality. We meet on Wednesdays at 6pm local time. I am from Nigeria but studied in the West for most of my time. I recently completed a master degree in theology from a university in the Netherlands. I am very interested in this ministry. I hope we could work out something. People are sick and tired of the traditional way of organizing church. A shift in thinking is necessary.

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