Readings for October 29

Psalm 43Micah 3:5-12I Thess 2:9-13, 17-20Matt 23:1-12

You are God my stronghold.
   Why have you rejected me?
Why must I go about mourning,
   oppressed by the enemy?  – Ps. 43:2

There is something refreshing about the undiluted honesty of the psalmist. After proclaiming God to be his “stronghold” he turns and asks a question that can only come from a heavy heart. “Why have you rejected me?” The Psalms are indeed theology of and for the heart. They don’t multiple explanations for God’s behavior because they typically offer none. They don’t prescribe right behavior or add to the regulations of the Law.

They do, however, give voice to unspoken agonies, doubts, and confusion. The Psalms engage the heart and give the psalmist, and us, a new language of prayer that includes but goes beyond mere gratitude. It is a language of prayer and reflection that empowers our fellowship with God in the midst of normal life.



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