Celtic Daily Prayer for the Advent Season

Advent marks the beginning of the Church Year. With this new beginning I want to encourage you to experiment with a new practice. The practice of praying the Daily Office. Different Christian groups have formulated different versions of the office. Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Orthodox Christians all have their versions based upon the Psalms and Lord’s Prayer. There are more modern versions of the Daily Office like Phyllis Tickle’s Divine Hours.

Another of these modern expressions can be found in the Northumbria Community’s book called, Celtic Daily Prayer. Praying in this manner consists of praying through different Psalm’s, the Lord’s Prayer and other prayers, along with Scripture readings, at appointed times during the day: morning, noon and night. The Northumbria Community, the creators of Celtic Daily Prayer, include a Compline Prayer time as well. A brief prayer to be prayed just before retiring.

Let me encourage you to try this mode of prayer during the Advent Season, from December 1st through to the 25th. You can access these daily prayers by going to the site linked below or on the header above. The opening page gives some direction for praying the office along with some information on the prayers origins. On the left column you will find links which will take you to each of the prayers. Try one or try all of them each day. Feel free to comment here or elsewhere on your experience as you these Psalms and prayers make their mark on your heart.



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