Haiti … Thursday the 12th

I hope we will be able to post some pictures and video today. Due to stormy weather and otherwise sketchy digital signal, via satellite, we haven’t been able to do as much as we had hoped.

Since we are having a hard time giving you visual images I thought I might share a little bit of the sights and sounds here in Fedja. This town is one of the few in Haiti that has somewhat reliable electricity. This is because it is near a dam that provides hydro-electric power. Last night, at the orphanage here, we set up our projector and a portable stereo and played the French version of The Incredibles. Unfortunately, the power went out about halfway through. (I did say that the power was somewhat reliable.)

We are staying in a small hotel called Wozo Plaza. This is a nice place with a good cafe and a handful of UN soldiers (some from Jordan, Brazil and France) and cellphone tower workers. The Haitians are extremely hospitable, they aim to please, and feel bad if they have not adequately served their guests. We have a small A/C unit in our room (a real luxury) but the units in our meeting room cannot keep up with 50+ hot bodies and all the hot air coming our of the presenters.

Of course, everyone knows that Haiti is poor. However, walking through the streets allows a better perspective on what poverty is really like. The sights and smells communicate much more than words. In spite of the poverty most Haitians experience a kind of togetherness that most of westerners don’t pick up on. Of course, sinful behavior is rampant, just like the States, and people here are mistreated and abused just as they would be anywhere else.

The pastors that Blake and I are working with come from a wide range of the country. Most of the guys are our age or younger with a few “elder” churchmen in our midst. Good men who sacrifice a lot so they can serve their churches. I am amazed how similar our work is. I am amazed at how much easier it is for me than for them.

Tonight we hope to show another movie, or simply finish the first one, for the kids in the orphanage. Spending time at the orphanage has been our favorite part of the trip so far. We have delivered most of our shoes to kids there and will save a few pairs for kids in the church in Hinche. Keep in mind that your shoes are really helping out some young people in dire need.

We travel tomorrow to Hinche and are not sure if we will have internet access. We hope to continue posting look forward to sharing all the video we can upon our return. Thank you all. – ph


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